Thanks for visiting my support page! It means a lot to me to have support from my home community. First and foremost, I ask that you pray for my time in Mexico. To be spiritually uplifted is one of the most powerful gifts I could ask for and I know it will make all the difference.

In addition to the spiritual support, I am also asking that you consider donating financially to my mission as well. It costs the ELCA approx. $15,000 per person to fund a YAGM’s year and this year we have more than 75 young adults in the program! As you can imagine, that’s a huge investment that the ELCA is making into the mission of the church. I’m trying to do my part by raising $5,000.

This is an incredibly worthwhile cause and any support that you can give is greatly appreciated!

If you want to help support me financially in this journey, please visit

Thank you so much!!