It is Time to Rest

Do not worry, child.

Breathe deeply now.

The Living Spirit is within you; she fears not the wild.

I, who can calm a storm, can give you rest.


You are not alone here.

Look to my face

And do not hide your eyes, my dear.

For I am standing before you with open arms.


This is sacred space.

So let out the breath you are holding.

It is time to allow yourself grace

And I am here to accompany you.


Say what you are afraid to say.

Feel what you are afraid to feel.

I have sent help to guide you through this day.

I am still here.


Even faith the size of a mustard seed

Has the ability to move mountains.

It’s okay if you don’t know what you need;

Try to trust that I will bring it to you in time.


Let the tension leave your chest

As protective arms wrap your body.

Do not fight this; it is time to rest.

It is time to rest.

4 thoughts on “It is Time to Rest

  1. So I just commented on your last post and after a quick stalk through your profile found this…

    And so glad I did! Really great work.


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