Binationalism, Beauty, & The Blueberry Cafe

Sometimes I really miss the United States. Despite my objections to many political or social issues, ultimately, it’s the place where I grew up. There’s a sense of familiarity and home to the United States. When we went on the Border retreat, I felt it almost immediately upon arriving in the US. However, after being … Continue reading Binationalism, Beauty, & The Blueberry Cafe


What Are You Bringing?

During my retreat to the Border with my country cohort, we only crossed the Border on foot twice, once in each direction. On our way from Mexico into the United States, I watched my country coordinator walk ahead of me, show the Border Patrol Agent her passport, answer a question (maybe two?) and get waved … Continue reading What Are You Bringing?

The Intersection of Homesick and Grateful

As one of my favorite holidays rapidly approaches, I’m hit with frequent reminders that this year will be different than my most recent years. I won’t go to Thanksgiving dinner at my professor’s house with my peers; instead, I will go to a Thanksgiving retreat at the cabins at La Malinche with my fellow YAGMs. … Continue reading The Intersection of Homesick and Grateful

A Blog About Remembering

"Passover Remembered" by Alla Renée Bozarth-Campbell Pack nothing. Bring only  your determination to serve  and your willingness to be free. Don't wait for the bread to rise. Take nourishment for the journey, but eat standing, be ready to move at a moment's notice. Do not hesitate to leave your old ways behind — fear, silence, submission. … Continue reading A Blog About Remembering